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About us

Who we are?
What we do?
Why us?
We are small, flexible and inovative company that manufacure swimming pool and fountain eqipment.
Our company bring new decisions and suggestions into the market.

FONTA team members have been working in swimming pool business field since 1993 - we know how things
work and can offer not only really good and outstanding equipment but also knowledge,
advise and custom decisions for non standart needs.
We make wery competitive interactive fountain equipment units.

Produce pool equipment that fits privat and public sector needs.

Using latest technologies such as laser cutting, CNC lathe, CNC milling,
accurate welding and bendng machines we get wery accurate and modern look products.

Our equipment that we offer is optimum choice considering to quality, economy, fast service and design.

We can make custom things especially for your needs !

We are always happy to advice on all projects. How to choose right equipment, what is important, how things work, how not to make mistakes.
Its esay to work with us.