Jet Cutter is better analogue for all water switches. This device do not redirect water flow, it cuts water jet that comes out of the nozzle.

There is no resistance on this device, and no water flow loss in order to get maximum jet height from the pump.

This superior cutting device stands out from all other interactive “water jet jumping” feature devices for its endurance and performance.

Can cut so fast and so accurate – with the right nozzle, it can make small water balls to pop up!

The Jet Cutter is a heavy-duty machine that does not require any maintenance and additional filters.

Only 3mm suction strainer. Rubbish in the water does not affect its performance.

It’s fast, robust, and durable. Variety of water effects, including vertical streams, shooting towers, crystal ball pattern, clashing jets, and so on.

Fault free mechanism with no usual solenoid valves or clogging usual switch parts.

Can be equipped with different nozzles and controlled via DMX.



-Durable active cycle cutting mechanism

-Micron filters are unnecessary

-Stainless steel body

-Easy to set up

-Low pressure pump can be used

-Heavy Duty materials

-Can work in hard water

-For up to a 4 meter height water stream

-No need for hi pressure pumps to achieve hi nozzle jets



Cover options:

– Shape can be round or square

– Outer diameter can be custom size

– Right edge or beveled edge

– 304 or 316 grade steel

– 5 or 6 mm thickness


Lighting options:

– Round 27W or twin 9W lights

– RGB or single color

– DMX control


Compatible nozzles:

– Clear Jet (orifice can be 10 to 20 mm )

– Foaming Jet



-12 / 24VDC 16W bipolar connection

-Cutting up to 10 times/sec.

-Flow up to 180 LPM

-1″  connection

-Cutting mechanism is water level independent

-304 grade body and parts (316 upon request)


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