Water Switch

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The “WATER SWITCH” – especially perfect for dry deck fountains. It creates vertically shooting water tower, clashing jets effects.
A water feature that looks well both indoors and outdoors. This device works with any nozzles – multi jet, foaming or smooth.
The main feature on this device is its ability to switch water flow to nozzle or . We also offer programmable
(DMX) controller device that can operate with 24 “WATER SWITCHES” . Looks great in daylight
or in the dark with additional lighting. The ”WATER SWITCH” is very durable and does not require complicated maintenance.


  • Low voltage and durable active cycle cutting mechanism
  • Not affected by being fully submerged in the water
  • Delicate cleaning filters are unnecessary
  • No air suction tubes or vaccum lines needed.
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to maintain
  • Heavy Duty materials
  • Works with hi flow debts of water
  • No “water hammer” fault possible


  • Water jet section cutting effect
  • Fits with any nozzles
  • Works fully submerged in the water
  • Can be DMX controlled
  • Low pressure pump can be used
  • Small rubbish resistant (up to 3mm diameter)


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