Full stainless steel Water switching Dry deck unit brings endless water and light effects.
Fault free mechanism with no usual solenoid valves or clogging usual switch parts.
Can be equipped with different nozzles and controlled via DMX.


•Durable, reliable, no maintains required
•Nozzles has easy adjustable angle option
•Can operate hi water jets up to 110 LPM
•Switching unit has low requirements for water quality
•No water hammer fault possibility
•No micron filter is required
•No need for hi pressure pumps to achieve hi nozzle jets


•24VDC 30W bipolar connection switching mechanism
•24VDC LED Lights
•Switching up to 10 times/sec.
•Switching unit operates water flow up to 110 LPM
•1” connection
•All stainless steel body parts
•Switching unit is water level independent, also can work underwater
•Depend on chosen nozzle, required suction strainer filter 2-3mm


Cover options:
– Shape can be round or square
– Outer diameter can be custom size
– Right edge or beveled edge
– 304 or 316 grade steel
– 5 or 6 mm thickness


Lighting options:
– Round 27W or twin 9W lights
– RGB or single color
– DMX control


Compatible nozzles::
– Clear Jet (orifice can be 12 to 20 mm )
– Multi Jet (custom hole quantity and size)
– Foaming Jet


This water switch works in different way, problem free way. Hi water flow with low resistance, very good LPM to Head ratio.
Switch normally directs water to nozzle. When 24VDC signal opens discharge valve, water flow is redirected to waste and flows under switching unit body. No usual solenoid valves that shuts water flow and can cause water hammer. No small ports, diverting mechanical parts and small channels that are usual for water switches and gets stuck time after time.


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