The multi functional device “Jumbo Jumping Jet” creates 14-20mm in diameter and up to 6m distance shooting laminar effect arches.
With the millions of RGB color combinations, it can turn your fountain into a flying rainbow, a falling star, or endless other variations of water art.
Glowing in the dark with color, this arching water can be set to be cut in different lengths. The programming variations of illumination,
jet cutting and “falling star” effect are endless.



  • Extra long laminar distance
  • Body parts from 304 grade stainless steel (316 upon request)
  • Heavy duty solenoids
  • Electronic safety protectors for installation
  • External water flow stabilizer included


  • Perfectly smooth laminar-flow water jet
  • Stabilize water stream
  • Falling star effect
  • Water jet section cutting effect
  • Easy to set jet angle
  • Modern design
  • Focused 10W RGB lighting
  • DMX control

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