Data Sheet

This superior cutting device stands out from all other interactive “water jet jumping” feature devices for its endurance and performance.
It is fast, robust, and durable. With the Jet Cutter V.2, you can enjoy a variety of water effects, including vertical streams, shooting towers, crystal ball pattern, clashing jets, and so on.
It can make very short length streams to jumps (short jet sections) – with the right nozzle, it can make small bubbles to pop up!
The Jet Cutter V.2 is a heavy-duty machine that does not require complicated maintenance and additional filters.
Has no additional resistance to water pump, only resistance will be on the nozzle that you choose.
This unit operates with both foamy and smooth nozzles, and it can cut up to a 6 meter height water stream! Rubbish in the water does not affect its performance.


We also offer programmable DMX controller device that can operate with these units.




● Durable active cycle cutting mechanism
● Delicate cleaning filters are unnecessary
● Stainless steel body
● Easy to set up
● Easy to maintain
● Heavy Duty materials
● Can work in hard water




● Device cuts water jet into sections
● Fit foaming or smooth jet nozzles
● No “water hammer” fault possible
● Low pressure pump can be used
● Rubbish resistant
● Can be DMX controlled
● Water flow up to 280 L/min

Technical Charasteristics

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