Who we Are

FONTA fellas are all fond of making your business easier. We design innovative fountain equipment and deliver solutions for individual needs. FONTA team members have been working in swimming pool business field since 1993.

We know how things work and can offer not only really good and outstanding equipment but also advise on custom decisions for non standard needs. In years, we’ve gained knowledge that helps us find a unique approach to every project.

What we do

To put it shortly – special fountain equipment units. Our equipment fits private and public sector needs. We use the latest technologies such as laser cutting, CNC lathe, CNC milling, accurate welding, and bending machines. We make products with modern touch.

Why us

Because Fonta delivers quality, economy, and impeccable design with the fastest service. With FONTA, businesses receive more than just a product. We are happy to advise, suggest, and help you to choose equipment that best suits your needs.

With us, no fuss. Contact Fonta to see how great your project may be.

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