Data Sheet

Water level independent unit. Can work under water or in horizontal position.
It is compact and fits in to any tight place. Stainless steel body has great modern look – will look good above water line.
This device works with any 1″ nozzles – multi jet, foaming or smooth.
No need for special water filters. No air suction tubes or vacum lines needed.

We also offer programmable (DMX) controller device that can operate with these units.


● Durable active cycle cutting mechanism
● Delicate cleaning filters are unnecessary
● Compact size
● No air suction tubes or vacum lines needed
● Easy to set up
● Heavy Duty materials
● No “water hammer” fault possible


● Water flow redirecting to nozzle or exhaust
● Can operate under water line
● Can be mounted in horizontal position
● Operates with 1″ multi jet, foaming or smooth nozzles
● Can be DMX controlled
● Water flow up to 140 L/min

Technical Charasteristics

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